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Reinforced Concrete Pipes

Storm drain pipe

Unlined concrete pipe with a joint sealed by a confined rubber rings are extremely suitable storm drainage system for transporting run-off from the roadway and other inlets to outfalls serving the residential and commercial/industrial of developing areas, and to reduce the high water table level where infiltration is continuous aggravating problem. Economical and easy to install, its positive and flexible seals require no grouting or pointing to allow the backfilling process to proceed immediately. The pipes are manufactured in diameter from 300mm to 4000mm. The pipe can be specially designed for high live and dead loads.

Joints for Concrete Sewer Pipes and Storm Drain shall be either with flair at the Bell end for diameters from 300mm up to 1100mm or flush for larger diameters.

Lined Reinforced Concrete Pipes

In case of severe potential acid generation from hydrogen sulfide gases, moisture and bacteria on the pipe wall, an internal liner material to be specified to protect the reinforced concrete pipe which will enhance its durability, long life and economy. The liner either soft (HDPE/PVC) or GRP, this additional protection against corrosion media gives the pipe a trouble free service.


Reinforced concrete sewer pipes are designed and manufactured in accordance with ASTM C 76M and relevant BS specification, the rubber gasket meets the requirements of ASTM C 443M.The exterior wall may coated with bituminous or coal tar epoxy paint.

Reinforced Concrete Pipe Sizes



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