Monday, September 3, 2018
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Advanced Pipes & Casts Co.

About Us

Advanced Pipes and Casts Co. W.L.L (APC), is a joint venture company between two renowned leaders in the field of investment and industry: Aamal Company (Qatar) and Lokma Group (Saudi Arabia). The company was established to supply Qatar and other GCC Markets with a variety of high quality products for large cities infrastructure such as large diameter pipes, segmental tunnels, inspection chambers, box culverts, catch basins, manholes. The joint venture (Aamal - Lokma) was established in 2010. The establishment of manufacturing plant with State-of-the-Art machineries of the latest technology to produce Reinforced Concrete Pipes (RCP) and Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Pipes (GRP) in Mosaieed Industrial Area. 

Our industrial complex is employing multiple technologies for the production of such products. Our technologies include Reinforced Concrete Pipes (RCP), Reinforced Concrete Jacking Pipes (RCJP), Manholes, Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Pipes (GRP), and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) etc… The diverse technologies used in these products help us satisfy almost all wide range of infrastructure applications that may be needed. Our mix of pipes products are in compliance with International Standards, they are easy to install have low life cycle cost, distinguished by their long life cycle and corrosion resistance. Our product lines are used worldwide, at competitive price. Our products are used in sanitary sewers pipe lines, storm drainage and potable water supply networks, Utilities tunnels, Metro infrastructure applications. The life cycle cost of our pipes is very low, almost insignificant, considering the ease of storage, installation and almost no repair or maintenance.

Our Mission

-Develop state-of-the-art multi-technology Pipes to support Qatar in maintaining its competitive edge as a world leading nation in quality of life, prosperity and healthy environment.

-Quality of our business environment is our focus. Quality of Business Environment addresses work environment, human resources, capital equipment, business process and Financial performance. Continuous quality improvement is the heart beat of our organization.

-Create an environment rich with experience, teamwork, accountability and profit driven organization.

-Bring quality life to communities, people and land by supplying water life lines and draining waste lines.

-Water is the source of life. We handle water with care and appreciation. We keep it cleanly inside the Network.

Our Vision

APC tops Worldwide Industries in Business Quality in its Qatar Pipes & Casts Operation.

Our News & Events
APC has joined Qatar Contractors Forum & Awards 2015 as a sponsor, In ...
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